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180 propresenter

If you’re not a 6th-12th grader, we need you to help make 180 Weekend happen! We need host homes, drivers, and more. If you are willing to serve Feb. 2-4 in any capacity, please register here and you’ll be contacted by one of our coordinators.

We are in need of the following:

*Host home for Middle School girls

*Host Home for High school girls

*Host Home for Middle School boys

*Host Home for High School boys

Host homes includes welcoming a small group of students into your home for a weekend and loving on our students. Small group Bible studies led by small group leaders will happen at the Host Homes.

If possible, we would also like for the host homes to assist with providing transportation to and from main campus. Host homes provide Breakfast on Saturday morning.

Thank you for coming together as the body of Christ to accomplish life-changing ministry in the lives of students!

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Event Details

  • Feb 2
    4:00 pm
    Feb 4
    9:00 am